Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Moccas

Dear "Moccas" (grandpa)

You left us way too early. But at least you won't have to suffer anymore.
I miss you so much. Can't believe that I won't get to see you again.

You were an incredible grandfather, father, uncle and husband.
I remember that I used to hate your hugs. You almost crushed me with your
loving kisses. We used to go to bed at the same time. When I felt tired I asked you if you
were coming too. And you followed me. I remember lying in bed looking at the newspaper
you were reading while you ate your apple.

There's one thing i remember clearly. We had gone to bed. You had fallen asleep and you were snoring, like always. Then I asked you: "Are you awake, Moccas?", and you quickly answered: "Yes, I am!".

I remember all the funny things you used to say. Everybody lauged.
I have so many memories. So many wonderful memories that I will never forget.
And I will never forget you.

I love you.